Frequently Asked Questions

About FHRL

About FHRL

What is FHRL - Forest Hills Robotics League?

Forest Hills Robotics League is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting STEM education through robotics activities and competitions. We follow the format of sports team leagues, where teams are formed and led by volunteer coaches, who are typically parents of some members on the team.

What do all these acronyms (FIRST, JFLL, FLL, FTC) mean?

Do you offer robotics classes?

What do you offer then?



How long is your season? How many sessions do they meet for?

What day and time does the team meet? for how long?

What is the cost for the season?

When do I register for a team?

How do I pay?

Do I need to live in Forest Hills or go to PS144 to join?

My child is X years old, is he/she old enough to join?

Will my child get a spot on the team?



What do you do at team meetings?

Who are the coaches?

Do parents need to be there at the meetings?

Can I bring my child's younger sibling to the meetings?



I don't know anything about robots, how can I help with my child's team?

Do I need to buy any Robotics kit if I join?

What kits do the teams use?

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